Spawn Ideas PowerPro Print Ad Sample Men on boats

Spawn Idea’s research revealed that innovation and consistent quality are why fishermen love PowerPro – they’re confident when they fish with PowerPro because they don’t have to worry about breaks and missing the fish of a lifetime.

That insight informed all of our messaging for PowerPro: For freshwater fishermen and women, we showcased extreme environments where you’d need the best line. And, for saltwater, we highlighted the challenging fish, rather than the environment.

If you fish, it’s likely you prefer braided fishing line for its abrasion resistance, strength and sensitivity. And both fresh and saltwater fishermen prefer PowerPro, making it the market’s dominant braided fishing line.

But PowerPro saw a potential erosion of its marketplace leadership as competitors with cheaper products entered the market. They understood that they needed to remind those who fish of the value of the great braided fishing line they’ve always counted on from PowerPro.

Spawn Ideas Power Pro Ad Samples