GCI, a regional telecom, was having a hard time capitalizing on consumers’ enthusiasm for Apple products.

There were two key reasons. First, GCI wasn’t always first to market with the latest gadgets as the national carriers received them first. And second, Apple’s creative standards prevented regional companies like GCI from creating TV advertising in order to tout new products. The regional guys were limited to print and in-store promotion.

Spawn Ideas GCI Black Apple iPhone

Fortunately, GCI and Apple had a growing relationship that could demonstrate an opportunity for Apple. Spawn and GCI worked together to secure unheard of permission for a regional player to create TV ads for its market. Apple agreed, and all parties worked closely on approvals of strategy and the final ad. Soon the latest devices were also on their way to GCI upon release.

As a result, GCI was the first regional carrier to produce a broadcast TV spot featuring Apple devices. And Spawn’s iconic spot for GCI demonstrated that “with iPhone 6s and iPad on Alaska’s best network, anything’s possible.”