The Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA), an industry member group, wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Trans Alaska Pipeline and first oil at Prudhoe Bay. These events transformed Alaska, helping it to grow from a small, frontier economy into one of the richest states in the country. Today, however, with depressed oil prices impacting jobs and the local economy, though planning a celebration was a welcome and deserving reprieve, it required a thoughtful approach.

Spawn Ideas AOGA work sample - 40 years prudhoe bay
Spawn Ideas AOGA 40th Anniversary Work Sample
Spawn Ideas AOGA 40th Anniversary Website Work Example

Spawn developed a campaign that highlighted the oil and gas industry’s achievements, while grounding them in the stories of all the Alaskans who made them happen. The pipeline, in its way, connects all Alaskans who had and have the grit, de- termination and ingenuity that made/make it possible. The campaign, created with Thompson & Company (Alaska’s premier PR firm), celebrated the past and took a hopeful look toward the future, providing a positive backdrop for the signing of the Secretary of Interior’s historical order to jump-start Alaska energy during the AOGA annual conference.

Spawn Ideas AOGA 40th Anniversary Oil Workers Black and White Image
Spawn Ideas AOGA 40th Anniversary Work Sample