Meet the Moms: Molly The Rebel

In this post (the final in our series on Outdoor moms), we’ll meet Molly The Rebel. She makes up about 27% percent of the Outdoor Moms we researched, and she’s the one who most prides herself on doing things her own way.

Missed our earlier posts? It’s easy to catch up: So far, we’ve:

  • Defined modes as patterns of thought and behavior that people get into to get a job done and explained how understanding modes can help you create better marketing strategies.
  • Highlighted how mode can help you reach the two most common “mom types”.
  • Shown how mode can help you create marketing that speaks to types of Moms who might look very different on the surface.

The Scenario
To bring our ideas to life, we’re introducing the personas of five types of Outdoor Moms and highlighting how these women think about their purchases in the following scenario:

1) They have decided they’re going on a camping trip with the kids, and 2) they know that they need a pack for the trip.

Molly The Rebel

Molly’s the kind of mom who treats every day as an experiment – a chance to explore what works, what’s fun and what interests her kids the most.

She celebrates each family member’s individuality by tailoring activities to their needs and interests. And while she’s not worried about what other people think of her choices, she does have a knack for making even her most offbeat decisions look cool.

Molly’s kids: Grade school or older.

Her outdoor experience: Molly’s not looking to summit Everest, but the outdoors are an every day part of her life – even if she has to drag an occasional reluctant family member along for the ride.

To make decisions: Molly trusts her own experiences more than any other source; she’ll seek out opportunities to try things for herself. Absent that, she’ll focus on details that bring a product’s description to life – the more background, the better.

Why is she taking the kids outside? The outdoors is a perfect laboratory for trying new things and learning new lessons.

What does Molly’s outdoor activity with the family look like? Molly is willing to get her heart rate up a bit, and she isn’t bound to any particular outdoor activity. She’ll spend a day with a classic choice like canoeing, or delve into new sports like fat tire biking.

Her equipment needs: Molly’s practical; she’s less interested in getting the newest, latest or greatest (unless you can prove it’s worthwhile for her specific purposes), and she’s more concerned about gear that gets the job done.

Mode: Planning

Molly is willing to consider a wide range of options to find the perfect choice for her. And that may mean going beyond picking an item right off the rack. If she can’t find the gear she wants, she’ll look for ways to improvise and create the solution that’s the perfect fit for her.

Your brand should:

  • Give Molly the chance to test drive your pack by trying it at a retail location, or getting samples for fabrics or colors
  • Present her with options through online tools that let her customize the features and style she wants
  • Explain the process behind your products in a video that explains the design choices behind the pack


Mode: Prepping

When prepping for the trip, Molly will look for more ways to make the pack a perfect solution for her unique situation. Stoke her enthusiasm by inspiring her with ideas for making the pack work, however she wants to use it.

Your brand should:

  • Highlight the adjustments that users can make to customize their pack on a hangtag
  • Suggest other great adventures Molly can use the pack for after the camping trip with images of other real moms using it


Mode: Packing

Half the fun of a successful experiment for Molly will be sharing her discoveries – so give her forums to report on what worked (or didn’t) during her family adventure and you’ll win her loyalty.

Your brand should:

  • Encourage her to share her experiences with your brand on your website and social channels
  • Feature the best real-life stories of not-completely typical uses of the pack on a blog or your Facebook page

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